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    Does Kyle Sandilands really have a ‘love child’, or was it a crap publicity stunt?


    Radio jock Kyle Sandilands has inadvertently informed the public that a woman has come forward with his alleged ‘love child’ in what the majority of the listeners believe is an elaborate publicity stunt.

    Kyle Sandilands was caught out on radio this morning discussing his “secret love child” with 2Day FM co-host Jackie O, but was it all a big joke designed to drum up publicity?

    It seemed the pair had accidentally left their microphones on as Jackie O could be heard saying over the top of an Adele song,”If anyone gets wind of it, you can just imagine Woman’s Day, like ‘Kyle’s love child’.”

    "I’m just glad she came to me rather than…she could have gone and sold that story," Sandilands said.

    "She could have got $200,000-$300,000 easy for that," O replied.

    "She’ll be making a lot more over the next 18 years I’d imagine," added Sandilands.

    But while all references to the conversation are being rigorously deleted from the show’s facebook wall, and a listener who called in to ask about it was cut off the air mid-sentence, the public remain unconvinced that the conversation was actually genuine.

    The vast consensus on Twitter is that the whole thing was a publicity stunt showcasing some “seriously bad acting” on Kyle and Jackie O’s parts.

    (Source: satellitedirecttv.com.au)

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